Monday, September 17, 2012

DREAMers! Here's a step-by-step guide for the undocumented youth applying for the Obama Administration's Deportation Relief and Work Permits program: DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

United We DREAM: What happens after DREAMers send in their DACA Application? 

A fellow Dreamer from California documented his entire application process. He has now been accepted and received his work permit! Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to share this with us. But first some important things to remember: (tips +video)

UWD: TIPS for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application:
Before you begin filling out your forms, you must read all the instructions per form under
You may fill out your forms by typing or print legibly in black ink.
Remember that you must submit copies of all your original documents. (Not the original documents themselves)
Copy/Scan Your Entire Application: Make a photocopy or scan of your entire application, including the checks or money orders. You may need to refer to your application again in the future (or show it to an advocate or attorney). This is especially important if the Dream Act passes, or if you become eligible to file for permanent status; you will want a record of everything you stated in your DACA application.
Label and Protect Your Photographs: On the back of your photographs, label in pencil your full name and date of birth. Place both photographs in a small plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) and paperclip (do not staple) them to front of your application (behind theForm G-1145).
Sign All Forms: Make sure your original signature is on all USCIS forms (Form I-821Dand Form I-765)

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services how-to-Video for DACA:

What happens after you send in your DACA Application? Step by Step.

1) If you sent a G1145, you receive electronic receipts of your I-821D and I-765 forms:

2) If you did not send a G1145, you will receive your I-821D and I-765 form receipts via mail 5-7 days after the Lockbox facility received your package:

3) You will receive a receipt to verify all your information is correct for the biometrics appointment:

4) After receipts, the next step in the process would be for background checks as part of the decision process. USCIS will now request for your biometrics (fingerprints).

You will then receive a subsequent I-797 Notice of Action receipt in the mail with your appointment date for your biometrics to be taken at your local Application Support Center, ASC. (7-10 days after the Lockbox received your package)

5) You have an appointment, the date arrived and the ASC has successfully taken your biometrics/fingerprints, your photo and your signature. Depending on your background checks,
whether your record is clean or not so clean, the following will take less or more time. Your biometrics are sent to the FBI (who usually returns your record within 24-48 hrs) and its forwarded to USCIS for them to do IBIS Name Check and IDENT Fingerprint Check as part of the background checks.

The Biometrics letter after your appointment (notice the stamp):

6) You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) showing that your I-765 application has been accepted and your card has been ordered for production.
This change will also appear in Case Status online. (6-15 days after the date you did Biometrics at ASC)

Note that you can check your case status online with your initial receipt number after you have created an account.

7) Congratulations! Your case has now been accepted! The adjudication of I-765 means your DACA case has been approved.

You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) stating that your I-821D has been approved and a notice has been mailed. (1 day after your I-765 EAD goes into production)

-7.2 You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) stating that your Employment Authorization Document (EAD), has been mailed. (1 day after your I-765 EAD goes into production)

You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) stating that USPS has picked up your EAD. (1 day after your I-765 EAD goes into production)

7.3 Then you should receive a First Class Flat Rate Envelope that contains I-797D which contains the approval notice and the EAD card itself. (4 days after I-765 EAD goes into production)

Yes you now have your work permit and this is what it looks like: 

Front of I-797D:

7.4 After reading the letter in the back of I-797D you should find your work permit attached, this is what it looks like:

Also : here's how the undocumented youth can get a social security number after qualifying for deportation relief/Deferred Action ! 

"Marching into the Light" by Andres Useche