Thursday, July 08, 2010

For Immigration Reform: Marching into the Light (Music Video) + tv interview

I wrote this song in protest of SB1070. (UPDATE: Congratulations Arizona on voting Russell Pearce OUT of office! ) Share this video in support of immigration reform and the DREAM Act and please join us in the struggle to end discrimination and prejudice. (Free song download on music player on the left column <<<< )Let's cherish the diversity which has always been a part of these United States and which has propelled this nation into becoming, at its best, a beacon of hope, uniting our common dreams of equality and freedom for all. A. U.

SONG CREDITS: "Marching into the Light" Music and Lyrics by Andres Useche / Lead vocals and guitar: Andres Useche /
/Recorded and produced by: George Shaw. / Back-up Vocals: Oya Thomas, Hilary Fraser- Thomson, Valerie Stern, Grace J. Lee, Dawen Wang, Paul Kwo/ Electric Guitar: Eugene Huang /Piano, sequences: George Shaw

VIDEO CREDITS: Written and Directed by: Andres Useche / Edited by: Brian Torres and Andres Useche / Cinematography by: Martin Linss, Brian Torres, Andres Useche. Still photography by: Vinh Tran, Andres Useche, Bill Barber cc. Some shots by Eric Byler and Annabel Park also appear on the 9500 Liberty documentary. Special Thanks to : Carolina Camargo, Gabriela Ortiz.

Andres Useche interview on Immigration reform:

"Marching into the Light" by Andres Useche