Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mudslinging vs the Issues: Whose policies are the most "Elitist"?

Alright. So Barack Obama could've used better phrasing, but the truth is that people are angry, sick tired and yes embittered by an economy rigged in favor of multinational corporations and not the working classes. The worse the economy gets, the more scapegoating there is. Anyone hurt lashes, out. Fairly and unfairly sometimes. Sometimes people hold on to what they believe to be certain, whether that is their religion or the sense of security they seek in guns, since they are not getting that feeling from the government. Obama obviously wasn't blaming the people but the system that for so long has worked against them. A system that has driven people to react, to stand up against in droves. The same people that have given Bush such a dismal approval rating. The same people reflected in the dramatic rise in democratic turnout and democratic fund raising. The same people who can see that Bush's catastrophic economic policies would be perpetuated by John McCain, who now, flip-flopping, endorses Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. The same people who see Billions of dollars going to a war that was sold to us on the basis of WMDs that weren't there. A war that only profits Halliburton and private contractors, a war that could be continued and expanded for hundreds years if McCain was in power. The logic behind staying is as poor as the one to invade. If things calm down a bit it's supposed to encourage us to continue, and if violence rises it's proof we need to be there. We're there because attacks on Americans continue, but they attack us because we're invading. In the meantime Al-Qaeda which was nowhere to be seen in Iraq while Saddam was in power is growing there and in other countries. McCain wants to continue changing regimes and nation-building, when it's this country's economy that needs to be lifted.

Now why would Hillary say Obama's comment is elitist? She must know what he meant.
CNN which now seems on a never-ending loop of the word "bitter", without offering any context to the remarks had brief moment of lucidity early on:

Could we at least talk a bit more about the fact that the surge didn't work. That troop levels are going to end up being higher than pre-surge? That the Republicans continue to move the goal post for political convenience? That they are setting their sights on Iran, who was actually responsible for adverting some of the escalating violence?

If the press talks about elitism, I want them to really reveal whose economic policies are more democratic and beneficial for all, and not just for the richest corporations.
Go ahead, dissect McCain's economic "plan", and Clinton's and Obama's. Let's talk about elitism. Let's talk not only about the race issue, but the other elephant in the room, elitism. I would welcome that discussion. It's time to look under the surface instead of accepting this trivial war of the 2 second sound-bites.

"Marching into the Light" by Andres Useche