Friday, March 21, 2008


"This is a man who understand us and will respect us" Said Richardson in Spanish ("Este es un hombre que nos entiende y nos va a respetar") in his glowing speech endorsing Barack Obama's candidacy for the presidency of the United States. As a former member of the Clinton administration this was an extremely difficult choice to make for the Governor of New Mexico, but his choice reflects what he believes is "best for the country". Governor Richardson also credited Obama's recent "historic speech" on race and unity as a factor that "cinched" his decision.
"He's a really good guy" "Who could've thrown me under the bus but he stood behind me" referring to a question Richardson missed on a debate, and Obama whispered it to him.
Richardson, part of the 90's Clinton administration and with impressive foreign policy experience said to Barack Obama: "You are a leader who has shown courage, judgment and wisdom throughout the years, you understand the security challenges of the 21st century and you will be an outstanding commander in chief. Above of all you will bring all America together. Your candidacy is a one in lifetime candidacy and you are a once -in-a-lifetime leader. You will make every American proud to be American, and I am proud today to endorse your candidacy as President of the United States of America ".
Wow! Watch the crowd go absolutely ballistic, chanting "Yes we Can" and after Richardson, "Si, Se Puede".

"Marching into the Light" by Andres Useche