Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Si Se Puede Cambiar" video and News

Hello everyone, thanks for all your support. Thanks also to those who have sent press links for our video "Si Se Puede Cambiar" . I'll share some with the rest of you so you can post comments at those sites and help us keep doing our bit to rally the nation behind Barack Obama's message of hope.

From the Austin Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle

The Daily Kos

The Honolulu Star Bulletin

The Dallas Morning News
This is about both a song for Hillary and our video and song for Obama. Never mind the title, read on to see who's favored in it.

I heard we were on Telemundo and another Spanish language channel, but that's all I know.

"Si Se Puede Cambiar: is also up at The Official Barack Obama for President page, (you have to scroll down as it was published on Feb 22), or if it's too late when you read this you can always reach the permanent link here at main blog in Spanish

Here's the video itself as hosted at my site where you can also download TWO versions of the song, one with Barack Obama and his supporters chanting in the background and one that's just me. You will also find the lyrics in Spanish and English. By the way, the response from English has been such that we've decided to record a version of the song in English that will eventually have its own video. More on this later, here's the video:

And here's a few other places where you can find it as well and comment and vote if you wish, there's the main youtube version
which has received honors as one of the Most viewed and Top Rated videos this week in the category of News and Politics. Muchas gracias to those who've voted for it! Other uploads of the song have surfaced on youtube including some that have been subtitled into Vietnamese, Korean and more.
There's the copy version at Webcastr .
Thanks. Have a good one.

"Marching into the Light" by Andres Useche