Saturday, January 26, 2008

BARACK OBAMA wins South Carolina

I celebrate Obama's victory tonight with the same excitement I celebrated his victory in Iowa. With Kucinich out of the race, Obama takes the lead as my favorite in this election.

My favorite of Obama's speeches so far is this one from Martin Luther King Jr's church on Dr. King's day. In it Obama holds the mirror up to the community listening directly and to us all when he denounces discrimination among and between minorities. "The scourge of anti-Semitism has, at times, revealed itself in our community," Obama points out in this great speech "We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them," and "for too long, some of us have seen the immigrants as competitors for jobs instead of companions in the fight for opportunity." Hear. Hear.
I wish he went as far as Ted Kennedy and Al Gore in gay rights issues though. Like Dr. King I believe that "We need a government determined to end discrimination" of ALL KINDS.

Tonight we also saw a big boost for Obama from the Kennedy camp:

A President Like My Father
Published: January 27, 2008

OVER the years, I’ve been deeply moved by the people who’ve told me they wished they could feel inspired and hopeful about America the way people did when my father was president. This sense is even more profound today. That is why I am supporting a presidential candidate in the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama. (Click to Read more)

South Carolina Victory speech:

"Marching into the Light" by Andres Useche