Sunday, December 10, 2006

Idle Mist: Storyboards and Waking Shadows

These are the storyboards for an alternative beginning for the Vana Espuma/Idle Mist film. I enjoyed writing and drawing them because they offered a taste of what was to come and showed how these dreams were breaking into their waking reality. The killings depicted here made it into the film but I didn't use the framing device of Valeria writing, because back then it was a red herring. These glimpses of the murders were flashfowards that appeared connected to her writing, but turned out to be Cero's prophetic nightmares. The idea of Valeria writing what would happen stuck and was one of the forking paths that would lead me to write Waking Shadows.

If you have or download the free shockwave player you can see an animated version of these storyboards: (see the bottom of the post) Go to... , head to the Visions page and you'll find three oval buttons on the right... Click on the middle one.

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